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We welcome you on the pages of

ESD GmbH - Division of Radio & Data Systems

(which are still under construction) where you will get an introduction into our products on radio- and communication equipment and our world-wide technical services.

Additionally we offer EDP and data solutions, fitting to our radio- and communication equipment. 

The corporate division Radio & Data Systems was integrated in 2008 into the ESD GmbH/ISS Ltd, to offer in the future all products and services out of one hand and to be enabled, to improve the service for our civillian clients.

Also we are cooperating with well-known network operators, such as GLN Lobal Link Network, WL2K Winlink-2000
and Sailmail, as well with different coast radio stations of the Maritime Mobile Service (MMS) and different system houses of radiocommunication equipment.
The corporate division of Radio & Data Systems is furthermore itself an operator of system relevant radio facilities (Radio Mail Server) in further of an experimental radio station and a "Radio Long Distance Operation and Support Center", to serve especially vessels at sea (and other users) with technical support and advice via radio tele-phone.

But also personally, directly on the spot, we are available for you - anytime and world-wide!

Take advantage of our world-wide On Board Service, if something should not work properly or if a spare part
is urgently needed.
Our Radio/Technical Officers will perform the maintenance tasks directly on board or at the place of installation, as far as it is possible or we exchange the affected devices.

Further information about our products and technical services may be obtained from the following webpages.
In case of questions just talk to us at any time!

We are 24 hours on 365 days available for you.


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