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HF-Coast Station Hamburg Radio/DAJ and DAH

After more than 12 years of operational disruption due to the closure of Norddeich Radio in 1999, Germany gets back a coast radio station on HF for USB voice mode. 

In that way, DP07-Marine Radio and ESD GmbH - Division of Radio & Data Systems, as installer and technical service provider are continuing the over 105-years tradition of German coastal radio operations and will, just at the time of the anniversary of Norddeich Radio, start with the test operation on 12/13 MHz in summer of 2012.

Allocated will be the former call-signs DAJ and DAH and also the former frequencies/channels of Norddeich Radio in the above mentioned frequency range.

DAJ =  Channel 1224 = 13.146,0/12.299,0 kHz

DAH = Channel 1212 = 13.110,0/12.263,0 kHz 

The location of the coast radio station is Stade (near Hamburg) now, so that the new name of it will be "Hamburg Radio". The reason for that is also, that the Marine Operation Center of DP07 is located in Hamburg, from where the station is being remote controlled. 

The served area is the eastern Atlantic until to the Azores/Canaries, Mediterranean, Black Sea, may be also the eastern Baltic Sea and the northern Atlantic.

Norddeich Radio was established in the year 1907 as imperial large radio station and operated until end of the year 1998 by the German Telecom. 

Since that time, all German coast radio stations (for voice) are under private maintance operated by DP07-Marine Radio.

The ESD GmbH - Division of Radio & Data Systems was responsible for the installation and delivered the radio and data components. Also the licensing at the German telecommunication regulator was managed by ESD GmbH - Division of Radio & Data Systems.

Deployed is a Marine radio of Icom with 150 Watts output power with a vertical omnidirectional antenna and a dipole for 13 MHz. 

The remote controlling of the radio station is performed by a computer via VoIP and a special remote control software.

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