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MF/HF Digital Voice (Codan)


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Long expected and now available:

With the successor of the popular NGT-Series -the Codan-Envoy- digital voice communication (DV) will become available on the MF/HF bands. The Envoy is a compact black-box-system with a complete user interface integrated into the hand-mic. So it is ideally designed for mobile installation, where space is limited.




A NEW STANDARD In HF radio communication

With digital voice, software upgradability, IP capability, multi-language support and an embedded software modem — the Codan Envoy sets a new standard for HF radio. View our video demonstration of Codan Envoy's Long Range Digital Radio™ capability to deliver reliable and secure communications. Certainly it will also support conventional analog voice modes.



Fully PACTOR capable 

The Envoy is fully Pactor-capable, meaning you may connect the SCS HF-Modems DR-7400, DR-7800 and PTC-IIIusb      (X2-Model only)

Language Options

The Envoy allows for a range of language options, including; English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, French, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto and Portuguese.


The easiest to use HF radio

Envoy’s high-resolution color display with an intuitive icon-based menu makes using your HF radio as easy as navigating your smart phone. The handset features a backlit keyset, a one-touch emergency button and can be easily updated to a different language. The Envoy makes using your HF radio easier than ever.


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