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HF (Radio)/Sat E-Mail Server/Router "Else/Prometheus"


 HF E-Mail Server/Router ELSE

The multifunctional e-mail system ELSE is a mix of server and router and represents our high-end product for landmobile and maritime applications.

It is a product of German engineering, developed and manufactured in German locations, therefore Made in Germany!

The ELSE contains a HF modem for Pac-III and a computer, which is responsible for the complete management of the radio station and which is performing the radio traffic automatically without any interaction of an operator.
In particular the ELSE is checking the availability of the HF channels, the signal quality and will select the one of best quality, which is ready for traffic. Therefore the radios are remote controlled by the "ELSE".

The connection will be automatically established and after data-transfer a disconnect will take place.
In further the ELSE will select a suitable communication device (MF/HF, Sat, GSM) accordingly to the
configured criteria, especially in regard of size of the e-mails and availability of the prevailing
communication device.
Aside of the e-mail exchange, relevant weather bulletins, NAVTEX messages and other nautical information
will be downloaded automatically.

For fixed, land-based applications (e.g. embassies, refugee-camps) we offer a similar product under the
name Prometheus, which can be furthermore integrated into a land-line connected system (e.g. DSL)

Prometheus is watchkeeping the external land-line, whereas a disruption will cause the system to transmit
via a radio device (HF/MF, Sat, GSM)

ELSE and Prometheus are working on HF/MF in interaction with the GLN, respectively via Sat-Com with
Inmarsat or Iridium.
Adaptions or modifications for own, existing radio networks are available upon request. 

The Ships Servers' software is saved on a program board. That is why the server has neither mechanical drives nor any other components. Therefore it can cope with the harsh working conditions on board of maritime vessels, platforms, measuring stations or in vechicles. It can be modified according to special customer requirements if necessary.

The Else offers a crisis-proof and secured communication by E-Mail also during wartimes or time periods of crisis, if satellite-based systems were destoyed by enemy actions. Therefore the Else is listed as mandatory equipment on vessels of the Swiss merchant fleet accordingly to national laws and regulations.  

Additional information you may find in the system documentations below:

1. Else System-Documentation (US/ENG)

2. Else System-Documentation (CN)


 The ships server ELSE in a brief overview: 

  • System integration via Ships Server ELSE

    The Ships Server can be connected to any communication device. Inmarsat terminals, iridium telephones, GSM modems, V-sat devices and WiFi routers can be connected to the server due to the flexible internal software (firmware). The Ships Server choses the ideal communication channel on the basis of the availability, the amount of data that is to be transferred and the required service and than connects to the internet.

  • The Ships Server as a mail server

    The Ships Server is a fully-fledged e-mail server that nearly does it all. It offers you the possibilities to either work with classic e-mail programmes or with the flexible webmail server. At the same time it is irrelevant  whether you want to use an existing e-mail address ashore or whether you want to use a new e-mail address from your provider. The Ships Server leaves it up to you to decide which option is better for you. E-mail exchange between the boat at sea and land takes place in both cases by means of an online compression developed by Kielradio.

  • Data transfer via Ships Server

    Do you want to convey either smaller or bigger data files from ashore to the ship or vice versa? The Ships Server' FTP server has proven itself for years on unmanned platforms for weather data analysis and for the transmission of surveillance pictures of ships and stations on a regular basis.

  • Crew mail

    As many as 200 different e-mail accounts can be administrated and used with the Ships Server. The crew can access their usual e-mail accounts ashore due to the flexible internal e-mail server or they use an account that their provider allocates. They stand benefit from the Ships Servers' online compression at any rate.  All data is deleted from the Ships Server when the crew signs off and the account can be used as usual on the next ship.

  • The Ships Server as a firewall

    Nowadays, there is hardly a ship without a computer network which increases the risk of unauthorized access to the internet usually resulting in high follow-up costs. Therefore the Ships Server can be a flexible firewall for your ship's computer network. Special rights can be allotted to every PC and access to the internet can be partially or completely denied in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in your provider's monthly bill.

  • Least-Cost-Routing with the Ships Server

    Do you want to lower your provider's monthly costs? This is not a problem for the Ships Server ELSE, because it always choses the ideal connection channel due to the Automated Service Selection, ASS. The link between  Least-Cost-Routing and firewall leaves nothing to be desired and helps you avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Radio e-mail via the Ships Server

    The Ships Server uses Swisscom's global radio network due the the internal radio modem. 'Maritime Communication Network' that was developed by Kielradio and is operated by Swisscom enables low-priced connections for small and medium data packages at every point of the world at any time. The Ships Server is able to regulate all modern two-wave radio transmitters. The Ships Server is a cost-effective and secure alternative for transmitting e-mails quickly and safely from ships without satellite terminals. The automatic frequency selection makes sure that you are always using the best short-wave channel for the data transmission (Automatic Link Establishment ALE).

  • Weather server ELSE

    Who has not been annoyed when the weather fax was not or hardly legible due to radio inteference? Weather data and weather reports are received regularly thanks to the almost flawless Pactor Protocol and can be displayed directly on the screen or can be printed too.