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We offer a wide variety of MF/HF and VHF/UHF antennas for mobile, base and ship-borne applications.

Our portfolio contains the antenna systems of Codan, Bushcomm (MF/HF), as well Procom and Pro-Tecs on the VHF/UHF sector.

As it is simply not possible, to show all of them, due this field is simply too "broadbanded", we just show a small selection of the most important models.

However, feel free to contact us, if you are looking for a model not listed here.



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1. T3FD-Antennas

bushcomm bba100 sketch small


T3FD antennas are self-resonant high efficient broadbanded dipoles, as they make use of 3 wires, instead of 2 (like the classic T2FD). 

They are resonant between 1,6 to 30 MHz (depending on version) and do not require an ATU.

Depending on version they can handle up to 1 kW.

They are coming in different lenghths between 27 and 54m

The antennas can be mounted horizontally or as inverted-Vee

For further information take a look at the spec-sheets




Product_Brief_54m_1,8-30 MHz BBA100CE.pdf



Product Brief_27m_2-30 MHz_1kW High Power - BBA1kD.pdf

Product Brief_54m_2-30 MHz_1kW High Power - BBA1kDE.pdf